2062771875_d5152bd1a9_oThere are not many people who could study a full-time degree while playing for one of Britain’s finest ice hockey clubs, but one man who mixes his student life with the frantics of playing competitively is Coventry Blaze power forward Scott Kelman.

The 27-year old signed for the Elite League Champions earlier this year from American side Dayton Bombers and has found time to become a first team regular for Paul Thompson’s side whilst studying a degree in Business Management at Coventry University.

“It’s been almost ten years since I graduated High School in America, but I’m quite enjoying it. We train Tuesday, Thursday & Friday so I don’t really miss too much time with school, but it’s good and fun to get back in the classroom,” described Kelman.

He added, “I’m a few years older than most of my classmates but better late than never.”

The support Kelman has received from the club and the supporters during his short time at the club has not gone unnoticed and he is quick to thank the supporters for bringing the fun factor back to his game.

“I’d been playing professional hockey in North America for seven years, but I never really made it so I came over here for something new. I think I lost a bit of fun playing over there, it became more of a job. I came over here and everything I was hoping for came true.”

“When we go on the road there’s always a bus full of supporters, they come and they are always the loudest fans. I couldn’t be happier with the support we get.”

He added, “Thommo’s great, my teammates are great I’m finally enjoying playing again, I don’t know where it’s going to take from here, but I’m very happy with the decision I made.”

The Coventry Blaze have made a solid start to the season so far, with the Elite League champions currently occupy the top spot in the ten team league and the 37-year old feels with confidence in the camp rising, another strong season is in order.

“Things are going really well for us right now and we’re heading in the right direction, every game we are making steps and improving so we’re happy.

We want to repeat for the third year in a row the league championship so that’s our main priority, not that we take anything else lightly, but the league is the main focus.”

Whilst the league is seen as the team’s main priority this season, the Coventry Blaze will be representing British Ice Hockey in the Continental Cup, a competition which will see the Blades encounter three matches in as many days, something the Canadian is no stranger to.

“I’m used to the North American league where we play quite frequently. It’s definitely tough, by the third game you’re pretty tired but a lot of us are used to having busy weekends like these.

We are there representing the whole league and the quality of British Ice hockey so we want to put in a good showing. It would be great to win our group, which I think we have every opportunity to do and move onto the finals in France.”


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