Sir Rodney Walker has not ruled out a move to China
Sir Rodney Walker has not ruled out a move to China

A new version of snooker will be put on trial for the next two weeks in order revamp the sport and attract a wider interest across the world and the UK in particular.

The new super 6’s event will take place alongside the traditional World Snooker Championships in Sheffield and will aim to make the sport faster and modern following negative comments made by Ronnie O Sullivan back in January this year.

The World number one suggested that snooker needed revamping and could do with the help of a promoter like Simon Cowell and it seems the World Snooker chairman Sir Rodney Walker has reacted to the comments and taken action by creating a super 6’s event.

“What I’m trying to do is to blend tradition with the need to modernise. There is absolutely no way we would sacrifice the best elements of snooker, such as you will see in the 17 days in Sheffield starting next weekend,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“But you have to learn from the way Twenty20 has revolutionised cricket and brought that sport to a different audience. It isn’t a dying sport. We get tremendous audiences.”

The Super 6’s is not the only controversial factor to effect World Snooker in recent months because as the World Championships get under way this weekend at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, there are concerns regarding how many more Snooker World Championships can be staged in the historic city.

Sir Rodney Walker understands that the Crucible is the home of snooker having hosted the event since 1977, but he confirmed that he couldn’t rule out a possible move away from the UK following interest from wealthy nations such as China.

“I think the views about Sheffield versus China, or indeed anywhere else other than Sheffield, are very divided.

The reality which not everybody realises is that China, or indeed Dubai where we’ve had some interest, may have very deep pockets, deeper pockets than Sheffield.”

Sir Rodney confirmed, “You can’t ignore the popularity of the sport in China.”


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