PWC_BT_Landscape BlueAfter an eventful ending to university, which almost put an end to my social life because of my ability at working to strict, well set deadlines, I find myself sitting in Manchester’s Marriot hotel media centre writing up the events of my first day at the Paralympic World Cup.

The day started well. I managed to actually make both my bus and train on time, which for me was something of first. Thought the train seemed destined to travel the full length of the UK before reaching its destination, I managed to get to Manchester in one piece. My taxi driver from the station to the Manchester Regional Arena was my first opportunity to spark a bit of banter with the local community. After discussing with the driver that Coventry actually had a football club, I dug deeper into the topic of Football and began questioning the drivers morals.

I had always believed, with the exception of just a few, that all people from Manchester supported the blue side of the city. I was proved wrong and started to regret making conversation with the driver as for the next ten minutes, he decided to talk about what I can only to describe as the most boring conversation I will have during my stay on planet earth; the history of Manchester United.

We pull up outside the regional arena and after stepping out of the taxi in quick fashion and wishing his team luck in next weeks Champions League final, I found it slightly ironic that to my left was the City of Manchester football stadium, home to United’s closest rivals. I smile emerged on his face as he pulled off.

The rest of the day involved much preparation for the highly anticipated event which will run from Wednesday right through until Monday. Out of the days action I have decided to pick out two key moments that I would like to share.TV+Quick+TV+Choice+Awards+Arrivals+zRTAdEIRpZ7l

The first being my opening task, which was to run around the streets of Manchester to get hold of thirty copies of the Daily Mail. Abi and myself struggled to get hold of five as we frantically searched the city of Manchester for shops and paper outlets. Though it was a rather unusual start to the Paralympic for me, it was also a very funny one and it increased my hate towards the Daily Mail paper.

The final moment I would like to share is girls banter. I am in no way uncomfortable around the opposite sex, but, on this one occasion I got a face to face experience of how girls really discuss boys. As many of you know, I hate it when people spoil good banter by using its term to describe and ultimately ruin the moment, luckily this didn’t occur last night and instead I got a women’s insight into what they thought of men. A meal I have to say I will not forget in a hurry, which looking back was my very own episode of ‘Loose Women’.


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