Great Britains ladies in action during their first round match
I have quickly become a fan of wheelchair basketball

After a night with the newly labelled ‘Sex and the City’ girls, I was treated to a lie in which I didn’t take full advantage off. I decided to get up at 9am and go for an early morning run, which is something I have been meaning to take up for quite some time now. Once I had ran rings round the Granada studios, I had time to grab some lunch and get ready for the afternoons events.

I am not basketballs biggest fan mainly because it’s a sport which is not often, if at all, available to me on terrestrial television, but I would pay good money to watch wheelchair basketball. It was the first time I watched the sport and my first impressions were very positive. I was amazed at the skill and power involved by a athletes and best of all, each team involved in the competition were all media friendly and very easy to talk.

For most of the day I was based in the media centre at the basketball event and although I didn’t get to see much action, I was able to meet a wide range of journalists, photographers and the Mexican wheelchair basketball squad. Call me stereotypical, but I was slightly worried when I noticed their presence at the event, especially when I started to get a sore throat and a constant headache, either my hay fever had gathered new symptoms, or I had become the first swine fu victim in Coventry!

FamilyGuyAs I sat and watched the action, fellow journalists were getting involved and starting to get really pumped up! One in particular stood up throughout the event and was shouting and screaming at the girls on court, which was a spectacle in itself! My time in the media centre gave me an opportunity to upload my blog and in the process of doing so one guy in the room stumbled upon it as he helped himself to the tea-time buffet. He was the announcer at the basketball and the one to blame for playing the most inappropriate music during intervals at the event. He laughed as he read and is now my number one reader.

Once I had got in from the basketball, I found myself lying down once more in the ‘air cloud’ bed thinking how I have become an avid fan of wheelchair basketball. I grabbed a packet of maom’s I had purchased earlier, loosened my pillow and flicked through the channels to find an episode of Family Guy just about to commence on BBC3…life really doesn’t get better than this!


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