My dream consisted of me scoring the winner towards the ned of the final
My dream consisted of me scoring the winner towards the end of the mens final

Although I managed to go to bed early, or rather fell asleep with the television on…again, I didn’t have the best of nights. Waking up at 3am completely forgetting where you are isn’t the best feeling in the world and it did take me a couple of seconds to re-adjust and nod back into dreamland.

Some dreams you can remember better than others, some you cant remember at all, but when I woke up in the morning, I could remember every exact detail. I was a wheelchair basketball player playing for Team GB in the final against the hot favourites Australia. Just to re-cap, this was a dream not reality! As a kid I had always dreamt of scoring the winner for England at a World Cup final, but this one was different because I shot the deciding basket to win the BT Paralympic World Cup for the host nation. Having watched my first match I must say the sport has really rubbed of on me and I cant wait to watch some more action towards the end of the week.

My role throughout day three was to pen the media centre back at the hotel. I gave journalists their appropriate accreditation and helped out with any media queries or questions, most of which I really didn’t have an answer to, but managed to successfully blag myself through the hours. It was good being able to meet a wide-range of sports journalist and get a taste of their experience and how they got into their respective careers.

Although not the most exciting of days, I made sure I kept myself busy by constantly updating results, Flash quotes and talking to each person that stepped into the room whether they were a journalist, a photographer or a member of the Marriot Hotel staff! I got quite friendly with all the Marriot staff throughout my stay and in doing so have received 50% of my next stay at the hotel, which still wouldn’t be enough for me to pay the bill!

The day ended well with the arrival of Dave another of the media volunteers which helped pump the male to female ratio up very slightly. It was good to catch up and chat as I hadn’t see him since the BUCS Championship’s back in March. We shared stories and had quite an accidental late night without the help of any alcoholic beverages, I knew that his presence around  the ‘Sex & the City’ girls might help change my ‘Loose Women’ comparison…how wrong was I to be?!?


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