So I recieved a phone call last week from Red Bull who want me to go out and report on the 2010 World Street Football Finals in Cape Town. Needless to say my answer was quite obviously yes and although it still has not quite sunk in, Im sure as the days pass by my excitment will become unbairable.


Preperation is key to any journalism assignment and this one is no different. So in the days to follow I researched just exactly what Street Football was and I must admit…I was very impressed and not so surprised that nobody from the United Kingdom would be entertaining me with their skills!


The more I have researched the more I am starting to look forward to watching some of the skills battles. This is how it works: There are two players in a circular area and both have three minutes to demonstrate their best skills. Each player has 20seconds to complete a desired move then they must pass the ball to their opponent who will then have to repsond and this continoes until the three minute time limit is up.


It only struck me last night that I may in fact need a jab of some sort so that I dont bring back any uneccessary diseases or at least any that are not already hovering around the Potters Green. So that is top of my to do list as well as getting some new AAA batteries for my dictaphone  and a new notepad. I might even treat myself to one of those hardback ones that are 20p more so that I can draw a picture of a trick being displayed because my new phone wont be able to take a picture of it.


The word from the street from certain individuals is not helping me relax before I go. If a white freckled man, wearing a Celtic top and constantly checking snooker updates walking round Cape Town is not going to arouse the locals then I dont know what will! Rumours aside if I do fail to come home, everyone MUST where a Celtic top to my funeral and someone make sure Ronnie gets an invite!


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