A company in China is having to increase its production of Vuvuzela’s  following their rise in popularity during the current FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Ninghai Jiying plastics, based in the Chinese coastal city of Ningbo, are making huge profits as the increase for vuvuzela’s rises and the company are working long hours to cater for their demand.

Company general manager Wu Yijun feels although the trumpet failed to kick-off when it was first developed and at the World Cup in Germany four years ago, the company now has to cater for a new market in South Africa.

“We had developed this vuvuzela trumpet in 2001, but we did not manage to sell it back then. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, we did not manage to market it for the event, even when we sold other kinds of trumpets,” Wu told Reuters.

“After South Africa was successful in its bid for the World Cup, we made our hardest push for the vuvuzela to be used for the tournament,” he added.

The stadium horns or plastic trumpets as they are also known have become a huge theme throughout the first two weeks of the World Cup and it is no surprise to hear that Wu’s Chinese company are producing thousands a day to cope with the industry’s current demand.

“The production had stopped in April but there has been a gradual increase in our production in recent days. We were making 10,000 vuvuzelas a day for the past few days and I estimate we will make 25,000 per day in the next few days.”

Wu added, “The demand from the Chinese market alone is surpassing our production capability.”


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