England coach Fabio Capello has insisted he has unfinished business with his England side and wants to remain their manager despite his sides early exit at the hands of arch-rivals Germany.

England suffered their worst ever World Cup defeat against the Germans in the second round of the competition and although Capello has expressed his desire to stay; the FA will make a decision on his future with the nation in two weeks time.

The fiery Italian has provided many examples of his passion. His touchline antics although sometimes comical, do give me the impression it does mean something to him, but it seems as though he is struggling to pass on that passion to his players.

(Link to Capello’s touchline antics)

In his and the FA’s final press conference at the World Cup, Capello told the nations media that he wanted to help guide England to Euro 2014 qualifying success and that a his players were ‘tired’ throughout the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

I spoke this morning with Sir Dave Richards; he told me that he needs two weeks time to decide. I said I can be the manager of England for the next season, but they have to decide.

He added, “I think all the English players are really tired at this competition. The coaches told me the physical condition of the players was not good and they did not play like the players that we know.”

It’s difficult to see how Capello can use tiredness as an excuse. Okay so perhaps other leagues have a well deserved Christmas break, but how can this be an excuse when other German players such as Philip Lahm and Bastian Sweinsteiger played more matches this season than the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney.

So with Capello almost certainly sticking around unless the FA decide to break his contract and supply him with enough money to buy a small nation like Slovenia, which senior international players will do the opposite and call it a day at the top level.

Frank Lampard has yet again failed to score at a World Cup Finals, he plays in a key position for England in the middle which requires a huge amount of physical effort. In 2012 Lampard will be 34, in my opinion he will simply be too old and not good enough to play in Poland/Ukraine so Frank…now is the time to walk.

David James will retire at 39, as too should Emile Heskey who is losing pace and putting on weight every minute it has taken me to write this entry. The likes of Joe Cole, Steven Gerrard, James Milner, John Terry, Ashley Cole and Glen Johnson and Wayne Rooney will be sticking around, but a young generation will be knocking on the door hoping to get them evicted.

With David James collecting his pension and Rob Green still lying on the floor in disbelief following his howler against the USA, Joe Hart I believe will go on to become a great England goalkeeper. Other upcoming talents include Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell and Jack Wilshere who if given the opportunity, will make the most of the honour to represent their country.

(Picture courtesy Sky Sports)


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