I was finding my way through google search recently, when I stumbled upon an interesting article written by a random blogger.

It was an entertaining piece about Glastonbury which made me think about the music festival for a couple of minutes and made me realise that I used to be like that particular blogger.

Ever since I took on my new role at the Coventry Observer I have neglected my duty as a blogger.

Before I started working long hours, attending press conferences and struggling to meet deadlines (not that I don’t enjoy my job), I used to post my ramblings and articles on this website in the hope that someone would stumble upon my work and give me my first opportunity in journalism.

Nowadays, I need to be a little more careful with my comment pieces especially after my last one landed me in a little bit of trouble with a Championship football club, so I have decided to return to my roots and post them on here.

Today I received a press release which confirmed the obvious, goalkeeper Keiren Westwood has rejected a contract to remain at Coventry City.

Keiren Westwood looks set to move to Sunderland in July. (S)

The whole Marlon King saga, quickly followed by the Alex McLeish story made me question whether loyalty existed in football. Were there any genuine players around in 2011? The answer is only a few and Westwood is certainly one of them.

His service over past three years has been terrific and although he is leaving the club to go on to bigger and better things, he will get a warm welcome should he ever return to the Ricoh Arena because of his honesty and the manner in which he left the Sky Blues.

I heard he was joining Aston Villa before the McLeish drama took centre stage and since then it seems Sunderland have upped their interest and offered him £25,000 a week with the promise of first team football in the Premier League.

Although I will be disappointed not to see the 26-year-old in Sky Blue colours next season, as an Ireland fan, I will be able to keep track of his mission to become the Republic of Ireland’s number one goalkeeper.

And I am very confident that will happen sooner rather than later if he is given first team football in the top flight.


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