You can’t argue with supporters for protesting against current owners Sisu, but let’s not forget that without them we could well already be playing in the third tier of English football.

Hundreds of disgruntled supporters are expected to gather by the Jimmy Hill statue before Saturday’s FA clash with Southampton to vent their fury.

I’m not for or against the owners, in fact my privileged position as a sports writer for the Observer allows me to stay fairly neutral despite being a life-long fan, but let’s look at how things could have panned out had they not stepped in to save the Sky Blues.

Had Sisu not stepped in to save the Sky Blues from administration then we would have finished the 2007/08 campaign on 43 points (with a ten-point deduction), which would seen us drop a division instead of local rivals Leicester City.

Without Sisu we may not have been able to exist, but there is no doubting the fact that their mis-management over the past four years has severely damaged the club.

My one problem with them has been their lack of ambition. Not once have they thrown the dice and taken a gamble.

Former chairman Ray Ranson famously came out and revealed he could have signed Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson for cut-price deals, and both players are now worth a combined total of over £50million (not that we should take Ranson’s word for that of course).

Supporters have a right to protest (in fact I can’t believe it has taken them so long), but let’s make it a peaceful protest and one that doesn’t harm team morale on the pitch.

This weekend marks the third round of the most famous cup competition in the world. A landmark weekend for football fans across the country.

So credit to those who want to protest and boycott the game, but don’t interfere with those who want to experience the glamour of the FA Cup during the 25th anniversary since our famous victory over Tottenham Hostpur.


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